Los Amores

It’s a continuing mission of mine to bring to light the true History of Beverly Hills.

There are so many parts of our modern culture that come from the Fertile Triangle that we sometimes take it all for granted.  For example, remember that great song that came out a couple years back,  ”Last Kiss” by Pearl Jam?

Well, [...]

1963 Beverly Hills Pop Festival

Woodstock.  Monterey.  Isle of Wight?

Fans camped out for days

All great concerts.  But without the ground-breaking 1963 Beverly Hills Pop Festival to clear the way, we might never have witnessed such iconic shindigs.

Revelers at the 1963 BHPF

Featured bands included the Who, the What, the Stones, the Monkees, the Donkees, [...]

Startling New Discovery

Archaeologists have recovered prehistoric cave paintings that rival the detail and insight of those found at Lascaux (France).

Here’s one of the French cave paintings:

Lascaux Equine

And below, the decidedly classier and more elegant  ”cavepaper” which actually predates the rather heavy-handed efforts at Lascaux:

Hand-painted early Beverly Hills "CavePaper"

This tells us so much about the subtle elegance [...]